Julia Butler Hanson 2015 Pool Fees & Schedule

Maximum pool occupancy is 75 people



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Shower/locker room only, $ 1.10
Child/Senior (55+), $ 2.75
Adult (18-54) ,$ 3.30
Family, $11.00
Swimming on Saturday is free for the first 50 patrons. (Donations gladly accepted!)

Season Passes

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,June-August, July-August, August
Child/Senior, $110.00, $ 88.00, $44.00
Adult, $125.00, $110.00, $55.00
Family, $175.00, $154.00, $77.00

Pool Rental

We rent the pool for birthday parties, reunions, and private parties.There is a two hour minimum for pool rentals.Advanced reservation and payment in required to reserve the pool.
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Number of People,Amount
25 or fewer people, $ 55.00
26 – 50 people, $ 82.50
51-75 people, $110.00

Lap Swim:

Weekdays from 6:00-7:00 am and 5:30-6:30 pm. Lap swimmers must be able to swim 25 yds. continuously and follow lap swim etiquette.

Water Aerobics:

Weekdays from 7:30-8:30 am and from 5:30-6:30pm. No swimming required.

Swim Lessons

Lifeguard led swim lessons with a maximum number of 6 students per instructor.
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Group Lessons
Each child is $25.00 for 10 half hour sessions, $25.00
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Private Lessons
1:1, $10.00
1:2, $7.50
Private Lessons are by appointment only through the pool office. Price is based on instructor to student ratio per 30 minute session.

Julia Butler Hansen Municipal Swimming Pool is located nest to Wahkiakum High School, at 500 Third St., Cathlamet.

Kayla Pugh,
P.O. Box 68
CathlametWA 98612

Holiday Closures


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Julia Butler Hansen Pool Schedule

Updated June 2015 (subject to change). Please check the bulletin boards to see about late night swims and other special events! POOL TELEPHONE NUMBER: 360-795-6515


[table caption=”” width=”1080″ colwidth=”50|160|160|160|160|160|160|70″ colalign=”left”]
Time, Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday, Sunday
6:30, Lap Swim, Lap Swim, Lap Swim, Lap Swim, Lap Swim, Private*,Private*
7:30, Aerobics,Aerobics,Aerobics,Aerobics,Aerobics, Private*,Private*
8:30, Lessons, Lessons, Lessons, Lessons, Lessons, Private*,Private*
10:30, Cleaning, Cleaning, Cleaning, Cleaning, Cleaning, Private*,Private*
11:00, Open Swim, Open Swim, Open Swim, Open Swim, Open Swim, Open Swim,Private*
4:00, Lessons /swim team, Lessons /swim team, Lessons /swim team, Lessons /swim team, Lessons /swim team, Private*,Private*
5:30, Lap swim, Lap swim, Lap swim, Lap swim, Lap swim, Private*, Private*
6:30, Aerobics,Aerobics,Aerobics,Aerobics,Aerobics, Private*,Private*
7:30, Open Swim, Open Swim, Open Swim, Open Swim, Open Swim, Private*, Private*

Julia Butler Hansen Swimming Pool