Workforce Data

Median Household Income

$43,860  Annual Income (Median HH)
$45,083  Annual Income (Median HH)

Demographic Data

[table caption=”” width=”600″ colwidth=”200|80|80|80″ colalign=”left”]
Region, 2010, 2000, 1990
Wahkiakum County,3975,3824,3354
Cathlamet WA, 575,565,545
Elochoman Valley, 930, n/a, n/a
Puget Island, 798, n/a, n/a
Skamokawa, 519, n/a, n/a
Grays River/Rosburg/Altoona/Deep River, 1153, n/a, n/a
Naselle WA, n/a,377, n/a
Source: US Census

Labor Statistics

[table caption=”” width=”600″ colwidth=”300|300″ colalign=”left”]
Sector,June 2008
Resident Labor Force,1520
Resident Employment,1350
Unemployed Workers, 170
Unemployment Rate,11.1%
Source: Washington State Employment Security Department

Non-Agricultural Employment

[table caption=”” width=”600″ colwidth=”300|80″ colalign=”left”]
Areas, April 2010, October 2011
Construction & Mining, 140,150
Logging, 100, 100
Trade Transportation & Utilities,60,70
Other Services, 30,70
Federal Government,20,20
State Government, 20,20
School District, 90,80
Local Government, 240, 180

Top Ten Employers

[table caption=”” width=”600″ colwidth=”20|300|230|50″ colalign=”left|left|left|right”]
No.,Company, Product / Service, Number of Employees
1,Wahkiakum County,Government,97
2,Jerry DeBriae Logging Co.,Logging,85
3,Wahkiakum School District,Public Educational Facilities,51
4,Columbia View Care Ctr,Elderly & Rehab. Care Center,50
5,St. James Family Center,Day Care & Family Services,26
6,Wahkiakum West,Communications,17
7,Earl & Shirley’s Riverview Restaurant & Lounge,Light Mfr – Post-hole Diggers,17
8,Wahkiakum P.U.D. #1,Public Utilities Provider, 12
9,Dandy Digger & Supply,Manufacturer,10
10,Wahkiakum Family Health,Medical Facility,7

Recent Business Openings or Expansions

[table caption=”” width=”600″ colwidth=”300|300″ colalign=”left|left”]
Company, Product / Service
Sassy’s Chocolates,Baking/Candy Shop
‘Tis The Season,Retail
Skamokawa Resort,Lodging/Retail
Healing Matters Massage,Therapy
Tsuga Art Gallery,Art Gallery

Const. Investments: Number of Building Permits Issued

[table caption=”” width=”600″ colwidth=”300|100|100|100″ colalign=”left|left”]

Type of Permit,2009,2010,2011
Mfd./Mobile Homes,1,3,2
New Res. Homes,5,11,10
Non-Res. Buildings,3,3,0
Remodels& Additions,19,7,5
Total Permits Issued,28,23,17

For Building Permits within Wahkiakum County contact: 360-795-3067
For Building Permits within Town of Cathlamet contact: 360-795-3203


The following is some basic information of interest to businesses who may be considering locating or expanding in this area. If you don’t find the information you are looking for, please call 360.795.9996, or email [email protected]

Regional Map

A scenic drive along the Pacific North West.