Chamber Priorities

In an effort to help business succeed and increase tourism in our area, The Chamber is committed to the following priorities during the upcoming year:

Strengthen The Chamber

  • Work with our governmental agency partners to develop processes of cooperation between agencies and the business community that foster a positive and responsible climate for economic development.
  • Grow the membership. A strong chamber has more influence, and can represent business on a regional and state-wide scale with more affective results.
  • Enhance membership and involvement with the West side of Wahkiakum County including Naselle.
  • Increase retention statistics.
  • Visit existing members on a regular basis.
  • Start holding monthly meetings for West side businesses, form a West Side chamber committee.
  • Train the membership on topics chosen by the membership.

Promoting the Community

  • Promote The Lower Columbia region emphasizing its unique history, rare beauty and recreational activities.
  • Provide web site links from The Chamber to other organizations.
  • Promote the Lower Columbia as a biking, kayaking, boating and retreat destination.
  • Promote and design the new Visitor Center, and increase traffic flow to the center.
  • Implement plans to increase traffic flow into towns from SR4 and the river, including Columbia cruise ships.
  • Continue to create relationships with regional & national publications and media.
  • Increase the regional prominence on outside tourism websites including Oregon and Washington State Tourism sites.
  • Create a new chamber website listing all members and activities in the area.
  • Attend state and regional tourism, economic and business development conferences representing Wahkiakum’s interests.

Providing Networking Opportunities

  • Develop a tactical plan for new networking opportunities.
  • Hold a quarterly business issues meeting for education with topics including “marketing your business”, “hospitality” and “legislation and the chamber influence”.
  • Create regular events calendars to e-mail post.
  • Explore new networking venues like “greeters” or “breakfast roundtables”.