Covered Bridge Dinner  


Date: October 1st, 2016

Columbia River Country Days

About the Event:

Come and enjoy all the fun of a harvest festival celebrating the land and the people of the Wahkiakum County along the Columbia River. All proceeds support Wahkiakum County Extension and 4-H Programs

Covered Bridge

Black and white photo of the 'Gen'l. Washington' docked at Deep River. A group of ladies stand at the stern on the top deck. Two men are also on the top deck (one is leaning on the pilot house). The town of Deep River is visible in the background with four different buildings and storefronts including the Anderson Store along the bank of the river. One of the storefronts has a sign that reads 'Studebaker.'


This year’s details:

Info to come!

For more information, contact the Wahkiakum WSU Extension office 360-795-3278, or