August 24th  –  26th, 2023

The Wahkiakum Chamber Booth will be open each morning between 7 am and 10 am to answer any questions.
You must register before you begin fishing to compete in the derby. 
Weigh-in will be between 2pm and 5 pm the day the fish is caught.
There will be a cash prize on Thursday and Friday for the largest fish caught. ($100 Adult and $50 youth)
Saturday we will present the top four fishermen (in each category) with the prize money allocated by place.
NOTE: All salmon must be gilled and gutted

Saturday the Award Ceremony will begin at 5:30 pm

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Please complete one form for each participant in the derby.

You will need to enter a credit card to process the transaction.

Prize payout amounts depend on the number of participants in each division.